Client Testimonials

I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle, despite having the right of way, October of 2015. I am still physically recovering with some permanent injury. The motorcycle helmet saved my brains but not my body. When the other insurance company did not give me the full value of my totaled brand new motorcycle I knew I needed help. Mike Fitzpatrick being my lawyer was the best thing that happened to me since my significant motorcycle accident. I lost wages, broke bones; and lost some of the use of my right hand and left shoulder. As an artist this was traumatic. Help I got! Although the settlement will never give me the full use of my body, it was more than I ever expected. Mike never stopped finding ways to ensure I was compensated and he got to know me as a person not just a paycheck. I would highly recommend him to anyone without reservations.

Dave O.
January 2017

I highly recommend Michael L. Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & LaCava. PC. He represented me in a personal injury case. I did not have to front any costs and he did not get paid anything until he won me a favorable settlement or got an award in Court. Fortunately, he did indeed accomplish the same for me. I only met Mike Fitzpatrick as he was referred by other experienced attorneys to me as someone who is experienced in jury trial work for personal injury cases. I only subsequently learned that he had at one point in time been an in-house counsel for an insurance company for ten (10) years so I think he knows all the ins and outs of how the insurance companies work. That helped me in my case in dealing and making a recovery. Other attorneys would not take the case as we would be taking on a big corporation and its big insurance company. Mike Fitzpatrick was tenacious. He did not give up despite what I thought were just stalling tactics by the Defendant and its insurance company. What I liked best about the firm is they have the attitude that it is a privilege of theirs to serve me. All phone calls and inquiries were promptly returned and the firm did not give up on me as the case wore on. Mike Fitzpatrick handled not only getting a favorable recovery for me, but complications in my case dealing with Medicare in getting them to reduce their lien on my recovery. He did not have to do that for me and he did so at no cost to himself but just simply as part of full service as he saw it to take care of me. I did not know at the start of my case that Mike Fitzpatrick had been successful in getting favorable jury verdicts throughout Western Pennsylvania. He has been practicing over thirty (30) years. I only subsequently learned that he had won numerous awards, was listed in Who's Who for attorneys and in fact teaches attorneys their continuing legal education courses for the past five (5) years as well as being appointed by the Court as a special arbitrator as well as a Federal Early Neutral Evaluator. Mike Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & LaCava gave me personal service, even when my health declined. He came to my home to help me with documents and explain things. I highly recommend that firm in any "fight for an average guy versus a big company and its insurance company."

James T.
Carnegie, Pennsylvania - March 26, 2015

I recommend Mike Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & LaCava, PC. I was involved in a car accident and the insurance company said it was just a minor accident, but it did certainly impact me. Mike Fitzpatrick did my case on a contingency fee basis so that I did not have to pay for anything until after he had won the case and I received money. He knew things that I did not know. In the car accident case we actually had an arbitration against my own insurance company for something called UM/UIM coverage. I did not even know about it. I am glad Mike Fitzpatrick was able to use his experience as a trial attorney to help me out and change my life. Mike Fitzpatrick received an award in arbitration for over twenty times the amount the insurance company was willing to offer me before hiring him.

Sheila K.
From McKeesport - April 9th, 2015

It's nice when counsel acknowledge the case is blossoming, via wrangling in discovery, and provides a revised budget without having to ask, Kudos Mike! Very impressive.
I appreciate the same Mike. Wish all defense counselors were the same.

You're the best. Thanks.

Danielle W.

Thanks Mike, you're the best!!!


Ed, this is the third defense verdict Mike Fitzpatrick has gotten for us in the past two months. This man is doing an excellent job. Yesterday, an 11 year old plaintiff had a permanent scar above his lip. $95,000 demand, plaintiff claiming permancy, initial limits demand, plaintiff claiming permancy, limits demand. In neither case we were able to argue Liability, one a rear-ender, the other a parked car. We have another very serious case coming up in March; Mike will be on this also.

Edward J.

Dear Mike,

Just a personal note of thanks to you for the great job you performed on our behalf. Your good work restored my faith in the truth winning out in the end. You described opposing counsel as a formidable opponent. In my view, you were more than formidable in our defense.

Thank you again for all the hard work and preparation. In other words, Congratulations


Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick:

On behalf of Intermediate Unit Board of School Directors, Administration, teachers and support staff please accept my sincere appreciation for your dedicated efforts in defending us in the case. You did an outstanding Job In preparing and planning our defense! Even, more significant was your court room demeanor and dignified cross examination techniques used to justify our position.

We as an organization are grateful for your professional attitude and conduct exhibited during the past three (3) years. We commend you and would not hesitate in recommending you for any further legal work on our behalf.

Again, please accept our heartfelt thanks for a job well done!

Executive Director
Intermediate Unit

Dear Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick, Esq:
Thank you Mike for a good job on this file..
Your assistance is appreciated...

Claim Representative

Cigna International is in the process of improving its process for managing and tracking the development of high potential staff for leadership positions. This has traditionally been done each year through the OMCR Process (Organizational Management Competency Review). The HR Director who is responsible for Leadership development (Dave W, Philadelphia) is trying to make this process much more live and current, rather than a task which is completed once a year.

TO make this process work, we need reasonably accurate and up-to-date information on our current and future leaders. I would therefore be grateful if you could complete the attached form for our records and return it to me by end of July. Please note that the information is treated as confidential.


Ralph and I would like to thank you, as we really appreciated your expertise and support in representing us. We are very pleased with the decision and will be waiting to receive further notice from you.

Ralph & Clauedette

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